Preparing for Your Inspection

In order to have the best experience and to get the most value out of your Home Inspection its a good idea to look over our ‘Home Inspection Checklist’ to make sure you and your house are as properly prepared as possible before the inspection. Many of these checklist items are things your Home Inspector will ask you before your scheduled Home Inspection.

Required Pre-Inspection Checklist Items

  • Is the power to the house turned on?
  • Is the gas to the house turned on?
  • Is the main water on?
  • Is the water pressurized (not winterized)?
  • Are the power breakers turned on at the main power panel and any sub-panels?
  • If you have air conditioning has the exterior air conditioner condenser switch been turned on for a 24 hour period prior to Inspection?  (The A/C itself does not need to be turned on in advance of inspection, just power to the condenser.)
  • If you have air conditioning has the air conditioner been turned on at least one time for the current season prior to Inspector arrival?
  • Have you read and signed our Home Inspection Agreement?
  • Did you confirm with the seller and/or real estate agent to allow access to the property at the time of inspection?

Optional Pre-Inspection Checklist Items

  • Who is going to be at the inspection?
  • Is the residence occupied?
  • Will children be present at the inspection?
  • Are there any pets in the house?
  • Does your Home Inspector have permission to turn off power to the house?
  • Are pilot lights for furnace, water heater, and fireplaces turned on? (if applicable)
  • Are there any any access limitations? *Access to crawl space, attic, exterior, & power panels is required.
  • Are storage and clutter moved or removed to allow access into all areas (bathrooms, foundation, etc.)?
  • Does your Home Inspector have permission to share your Home Inspection Report and discuss related comments with all Client agents (realtors, contractors, those present at the inspection, etc.) and All Aspects Home Inspections agents (contractors, etc.) as per our Home Inspection Agreement?
  • Do you have any questions or concerns that you may have about the house that you can bring to the inspection to discuss with your home inspector? (If the property is part of a Home Owners Association (HOA), its a good idea to bring the last two months of the meeting minutes to the inspection with you if possible for background on the property and known issues.)
  • Would you like to have Radon Testing? We highly recommend it…if not you will need to sign a waiver indicating declining doing Radon Testing.
  • Would you like to have a Sewerscope done to check for issues with underground sewer lines? We highly recommend it…homeowners are responsible for sewer pipes on the property from the street to the house…older houses are subject to have issues. Let us know if you need Sewerscope service and we can recommend a good source for that. You might want to try to schedule your Sewerscope the same day and time as your Home Inspection to save your Realtor an extra trip.

You may need to contact one or more of the involved real estate agents for some of the items.

Bottom line is that while not all items on the Home Pre-Inspection Checklist are mandatory for your inspection, they help you to get the most out of it… otherwise, if these items are not met then constraints may exist that could limit the effectiveness of your inspection.